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In-Stock Fabric Starting @ $2.99/yd.
*In-sock fabrics priced between $2.99 - $17.99+ Per Yard

Upholstery & Drapery Home Decor Fabrics

  • Chenilles
  • Tapestries
  • Velvets
  • Cotton Prints & Solids
  • Mixed Fabrics
  • 54" Wide

*Flat Folds $2.99 per yard
*In-stock Fabrics $2.99 - 17.99+ per yard
*Great Selection of home decor fabrics 54" wide
**Limited Time Pricing**
Email us @
1-855-Cut-Yardage (Toll Free)      
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Mill-Ends from US fabric mills, ranging in 1-5 yard pieces. All pieces are sold in full yardage quantities.
Mixed lots, we never know what’s arriving. Hurry in, as these fabrics don’t last long at these prices!!
*More fabrics available at our
showroom location!
$2.99 Per yard!! All Flat Fold Fabrics.
Limited Time Offer!!
$12.99 Pillows
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More Styles/Colors
Coming Soon!!
Mask Information / COVID-19
Styles/colors available below premade $10.00/each.
Custom masks available in any fabric selection below $15.00/each.
Thank you for contacting Cut-yardage for custom made masks. We have a variety of pre-made masks in assorted fabrics ready for pickup. They
are selling quickly and we are making them as fast as we can!
Masks are $10.00 Each (price covers labor & materials)

Custom masks are available using any in-stock fabric within our showroom. These masks will be completed and ready for pick up the following
business day.
These cost an additional $5.00 per mask ($15.00 each)

*All masks are custom made using cloth material, double layer, pleated with elastic straps.

  • Our masks are not intended to be a substitute for N-95 or surgical masks
  • Masks should be washed before use
  • All sales final

Place an order:
Call us at 916-928-4292
Email us your order to:
(Please include how many you would like, pre-made or custom selection, Style Number, or fabric selection for custom orders)

Pickup location:
815 Professor Lane #200
Sacramento, CA 95834
Please call once you arrive and we can bring the order to your car, or you can walk into the showroom for pickup.
855-Cut-Yardage (toll free)

Order Pickup/Shipping:
Orders can be picked up Monday – Thursday 7:00AM – 2:00PM.
Orders Shipped $10.00 (Flat Rate) *Please include shipping address and contact information in email

Thank you and stay healthy!!
$16.99  Bolt #A1002
$16.99 Bolt #A1001
$16.99 Bolt #A1003
$14.99 Bolt #1066
$16.99 Bolt #A1004
$7.99 Bolt #1010
$7.99 Bolt #1011
$16.99 Bolt #A1041
$14.99 Bolt #1038
$22.99 Bolt #1062
$6.99 Bolt #1007
$8.99 Bolt #1006
$13.99 Bolt #1008
$18.99 Bolt #1009
$18.99 Bolt #1042
$16.99 Bolt #A1033
$14.99 Bolt #1040
$22.99 Bolt #1032
$16.99 Bolt #1005
$17.99 Bolt #0139
$8.99 Bolt #0129